Prologue – A Beginning From New Revelations

Prologue – A Beginning From New Revelations

“Welcome all, citizens of Earth and her colonies. I stand before you today to unveil news that may well change the course of our entire civilization…”

A deep, mighty voice echoed through the halls of SERRCom Headquarters and the streets beyond; it echoed through reporters’ microphones and cameras; it echoed through television sets, computer speakers, and mobile devices the world over. Public addresses from the General of the Space Forces — from the leader of SERRCom, Earth’s interstellar military — were far from common, and they were never mundane. Few knew what the General planned to unveil, but everyone knew that SERRCom was solely responsible for the rest of the galaxy beginning to take Earth seriously. No one wanted to miss the organization’s newest announcement.

“I realize that my claim may seem grand, or overly bold. But I give you my word that it is not.”

In a small room adjacent to the press room of SERRCom HQ, six individuals stood, listening to the General’s speech with varied levels of apprehension.

“History has always held in high regard those who proved the status quo wrong. After all, everyone is aware of the scientific greats — of Newton, of Galileo, of Einstein.”

A man of average height and light complexion stood near the entrance to the press room, his back to the wall and his arms casually crossed as he listened to the speech. He wore a navy blue suit, adorned with a black tie and a variety of colorful medals and insignia attached to his left breast. His short black hair was covered by a black beret, his trousers featured a long vertical stripe on the outside of his legs, and on his shoulders were the winged insignia that indicated his rank of Colonel. The beginnings of wrinkles showed around his eyes as he casually glanced around the room, displaying a level of combined boredom and impatience.

“Today will be no different. Today, we will challenge an assumption that has held us back for almost thirty years.”

Next to the man stood a tall woman with a dark complexion. Her uniform was much the same as his, with the exception of her rank insignia, which displayed a silver four-pointed star — indicating that she was a Major. Her long black hair was tied back into a pony tail under her navy and golden peaked cap, and she clasped her hands behind her back as she stood at attention, appearing to match the formality of her uniform to a far greater degree than the Colonel beside her.

“Today, we will challenge the assumption that allows the rest of the galaxy to look down on us with condescension.”

Across the room from the woman stood a tall young man, with olive skin and black hair that was long in front, but short in back. His green military uniform, with its black trim and heavy-duty boots, stood out as a unique design from the conventional suit worn by the Colonel and the Major. The green uniform appeared rather formal in its own right, but the jacket wrapped farther around his torso than a normal suit jacket, with the left side of the jacket crossing most of his chest. The jacket also featured a high collar and a short tail that wrapped partway around his waist, partly obscuring the top of the forest green chaps that covered his gray trousers. Worn over the jacket was a leather belt and sash, and over the sash on the man’s shoulder was a large patch with an emblazoned “EV” and an image of Earth. The uniform appeared to be fairly thick, but the man wearing it did not seem to be bothered at all as he stood at attention — albeit with his eyes closed, and lips pursed.

“Today, we will prove that we Earthians are just as capable of seizing upon the power of Chaos Energy as any other!”

To the man’s right was another young man with a similar complexion and hair color. His hair was cut short all around, and he wore the same uniform as the man next to him — but his sheer size was incredible, as he stood well over six feet tall and possessed a broad chest. His thick uniform did much to obscure his body’s silhouette, but it was still plainly obvious that he was incredibly strong and built like a brick. And yet, his stature conflicted with his appearance, as his calm expression and demeanor radiated an aura of gentleness.

“We have already made great strides in this regard, with the technology gained from the renowned spaceship known as Genesis. Its technology has allowed us to compete, and even lead, where we otherwise would have been left in the dust.”

To the right of him stood a young woman of average height, featuring the same skin and hair color as the men standing to her left. Her hair was tied loosely back into a low ponytail, though long bangs remained to hang loosely and frame her soft face. Her uniform appeared nearly identical to the men she stood with, but she would occasionally tug at it uncomfortably, as though unfamiliar with the garments. Otherwise, she quietly bounced in place, glancing around the small room in curiosity as she attempted to contain her natural energy.

“But today, I offer a grander revelation. I offer the potential to grant the latent dreams of the men and women here on Earth.”

To the right of her was the sixth and final room inhabitant: another woman, nearly reaching six feet in height. She shared the olive complexion of the three to her left, but her hair was a bright blond, tied back into a ponytail and covered partially by a red bandanna. Her uniform was much the same as the others as well, though she had rolled up her sleeves to her elbows, giving her uniform a more casual appearance. Additionally, she wore on her legs a pair of extravagantly designed red and golden greaves in place of regular boots, with each greave possessing a small, faintly glowing red orb inset just below her silver knee guards. Her hands were planted on her hips and she wore on her face a scowl of irritation, tapping her foot impatiently as she glared around the room.

“For thirty years, we have thought that the dream of superpowers was out of our reach. That a citizen of Earth would never be able to match the superhuman feats of flight, super strength, control of the elements, and myriad other abilities displayed by certain members of the other races in the galaxy.”

The man dressed in green to the far left slowly opened his eyes as sparks wreathed his arms. He glanced to his right, toward the others dressed in green; they each glanced back and nodded in acknowledgment, with the exception of the blond-haired woman, who simply made a face at him. He opened his mouth to respond, but a moment later, closed it without saying anything.

“But today, I will dispel that belief! Today, I will prove that Earthians can be Chaotics!”

The Colonel uncrossed his arms and pushed off of the wall, ignoring the increased fervor from the press in the room next to him. He looked everyone in the room in the eyes before gesturing for the four dressed in green to approach the entrance to the press room. As the first man passed, the Colonel grabbed his shoulder, and they met eyes; the Colonel offered a reassuring smirk, and then nodded to the entrance. The man with the sparks simply nodded back and then squared his shoulders, taking a deep breath as he did so in preparation for what came next.

“And so, may I introduce to you, citizens of Earth: Earth’s first Chaotics—”

The man stepped through the entrance, beholding the world outside as he led his compatriots into the light.

“— The Eximius Vir!”