Into the Key Saga

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30 years have passed since first contact. Earth has now been accepted into the galactic community, is expanding its territory to other planets, and has begun to adopt the myriad advanced technologies found throughout the Milky Way Galaxy. But as the least advanced race in the galaxy, the Earthians are struggling to carve a niche for themselves, made all the more difficult by the fact that they are the only race in the entire galaxy incapable of developing supernatural powers.

Until recently.

Few know how or why, but small groups of Earthians have begun to display superhuman abilities — and the militaries of the galaxy have begun to display interest in them. Combined with the rise of an evil thought to have been vanquished two decades ago, these superpowered Earthians are forced to choose between the value of their own lives… and the value of the entire galaxy.

Link to Chosen Few, the beginning of the Key Saga

(Rated M for harsh language.)

(Above character art by @quassihollic on twitter.)

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The Key Saga takes place 20 years after Rise, which tells the tale of the aforementioned evil. Reading Rise is not a prerequisite for reading the Key Saga, but it will help to understand the setting and the various conflicts within.

Link to Rise

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You can also read the Key Saga on the online novel website Royal Road. Chosen Few is posted as part one of Chosen Chaos. Rise is posted there, as well.